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Re: cup holder latch

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My Girlfriend has a 08 Cayman. The main latch on the cup holder bar that allows access to the holders has become recalcitrant. Sometimes it opens and then does not want to latch shut with the holders open and also when they are closed. Any ideas?
I had the same problem with my 2011 Boxster. The tech at the dealer said the cupholders are the most complicated piece of equipment that he had to deal with in the car. I was told to never close the cupholders with them expanded at all. Always compress them all the way before inserting them into the dash. What happens is that the cupholders will stick at the last notch, and become difficult to open. New cupholders are about $500-$600.
smiling smileyFunny that using them correctly results in no issues. How about that?

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