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March Porsche sales

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The trend continues.

2016 Boxster/Cayman sales 633
2017 Boxster/Cayman sales 337
More like the trend accelerates (pun intended). That is a huge drop off. Seems as though the people have spoken about the four banger Boxster/Cayman. I fear for the future of our beloved roadster. It may become even more rare than a Ferrari, if this trend does, indeed, continue. Ferrari is trying to up production to around 9,000 units per year, or 750 cars per month, worldwide.
911 sales are also down but not as much as the Boxster/Cayman.

I follow a UK forum and it seems that Boxster build dates are 4 months out while Cayman are into next year.

Could availability have something to do with the sales figures? Factory moving from one location to another?
Well, the longer build dates in UK could have something to do with right-hand drive vs left hand for rest of the world. If demand is down, then they probably put off as long as possible putting those cars together.
No surprises here either

March 2016 Boxsters sold 26
March 2017 Boxsters sold 10

March 2016 Cayman sold 34
March 2017 Cayman sold 25

March 2016 911 sold 47
March 2017 911 sold 50

Down 25%+ YTD (Jan.-Mar.).
Given the other poor sales months since the car was released, sales disaster might be a bit too strong of a description, but clearly this car is not doing well in the marketplace.
Where does this go from here? Eventually, Porsche has to do something to pump sales up--a return NA flat six or a price cut?
.. some other event. before i said too much I'd look at long term trends. Car buying is very seasonal - down in winter, down as new models are announced but not available, etc.

I dont doubt that many long for the old flat-6, but in objective terms the new cars are just ..... better, and everything i see of the buying demographics is that most people who buy are not hard-core drivers, they are buying a dream or aspiration. Witness how hard it is to get people to go to an autocross - absolute fear.

I suspect that for the morning trip to the law offices, the new car is just dandy. I also suspect i'll be passed by several on the track this year, meaning that in objective terms its also dandy. So I'll wait and see.

Not sure i have time to dig into several years' data. I do wish that reporters gave context, rather than sound bites. (or its digital equivalent, the sound byte)


Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
SUV and Pickup models overall continued to have gains.

It looks right now--at least for NA--the Macan is the only thing keeping total sales above last year. Makes you wonder how long one model can keep picking up the rest of the product line, given the amount of competition in that particular market segment.
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