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Re: If you think the 718 was a change in direction, let's see how this partnership plays out.... eye popping smiley

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Porsche and Audi joining forces...to save $$$

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Could be really bad news.

The result will be that Audi gets the benefit of Porsche's racing involvement and R&D. Because of the huge difference in margins you will be able to purchase the same technology in an Audi for much less money than the same technology in a Porsche.

This is a signal that VW Gruppe is turning Porsche into a cash cow that bleed until the brand collapses.
It could be a good thing.
Maybe Porsche will borrow a few good ideas from Audi, like a parking brake button on the console, rather than down around my left shoe, and while they're at it, change it (like Audi's) so lift to engage it and press down to release the brake - just like the 'old-fashioned' kind of parking brake.

Oh, and ditch the dumbass ignition key for something more user-friendly like Audi's, where the mechanical key can be removed from the plastic housing without requiring a scalpel and 3 hands.

Not everything Porsche does is the epitome of fine design and engineering. Most, but not everything.
The areas of stated cooperation are basic technologies that don't really impact car architecture or differentiation.

Electrification, autonomous operation and digitization (not entirely what they mean, but likely intelligent control of car, multiplexing, etc) are basics of the future, much like steel , combustion research (polled at labs), etc - which are all either pooled or outsourced to suppliers (steel) today.

Its worth noting that on the 2nd two, many companies are, at lest for now, outsourcing some of the basics to Tesla.

In fact, i think they would be giving up a key economy of scale if they didn't do that.

However, i see no reason why they cannot bring competing designs to market - even ones with very different philosophies, based on the same basic engineering knowledge.

We shall see.


Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
There has been co-operation among these manufacturers before, still is and now likely will increase.

Manufacturers already share parts. I know there are lots more, but just one example is the older Porsche ignition switches, which could be purchased from an Audi dealer. The Macan is built on the Q5 platform, Porsche, Mercedes and Audi are working on a universal (at least to their cars) electric charging system for future electric cars, which is bound to make them more practical.
It is bad news for me. I never have been, and don't ever foresee myself being, an Audi fan. Last time I even considered one was back in '98. Tried the TT (along with SLK from Mcool smiley before putting money down on my first Boxster. Audi appears to be very popular around the DC area, just can't figure out why.
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