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Sunday Drive

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Sunday Drive
grant - 1 year ago
Well, it **was** Sunday.

At the risk of boring you with my “baby pictures”, I thought this might be interesting.

Lake Underwood(Jr.) showed up at the Sunday Autocross with a storied, incredibly valuable race car to show around. Not only that, he tossed me the keys and nearly made me take it out — in anger -- around the course. Pinch me.

Lake drove this car to several SCCA national titles, and co-drove with such nobodies as Briggs Cunningham and Stirling Moss. And I guided that same wheel.

I took three laps, and posed for some pictures.

Car was incredible. For a 60 year old, 70 (?) HP car, it was terrific. Controllable, accurate, forgiving of slides ( yes, I slid it around, you have to). Lake had a huge smile on his face, from the right seat.

See pictures (attached) and Wikipedia link on Lake and the car. Note where it was race-engineered (Drew people, remember that place?)


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Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
Great story!
MikenOH - 1 year ago
Glad to see an owner driving the car as it was designed to be, rather than sitting in a museum.
Re: Sunday Drive
Anker - 1 year ago
You lucky bum, you!
Having that much fun AND it's legal! What a great day.
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