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The support is due for renewal on my old radar and am wondering if it's better to get a new one. Thanks
My only radar detector experience has been with my V1 which I have owned now since around 2000 when I bought it when I moved to the KC MO area and remembered how aggressive speed limit enforcement is there.

The unit has suffered a couple of problems: false alarming on laser when laser not present, and false alarming on some other band when nothing present on that band; and both times I called and arranged to send the unit in and as per instructions included a check made out to Valentine One and for IIRC $45 and both times the unit was returned to me with the check still in the box. I called and asked if there has been a mistake and the check overlooked and both times I was told the repair was no charge.

The unit gives me plenty of warning and the directional arrows and bogey counter are very nice. I have not fiddled with its settings to try to reduce the alarms on say door openers because I like to use the alarms as a reminder to stay vigilant and situationally aware. This not only reduces the chances of getting pulled over -- the radar detector doesn't make the car invisible to radar -- but the chances of getting involved in an accident.

Anyhow, put me down as highly recommending the V1.
... and that was back in February of 1998.
Since that time I have NEVER received a speeding ticket in my car (I've gotten a couple in my wife's car with an Escort detector).
Like Marc, I've sent it in for updating twice. Never been charged me a cent.
The unit has been flawless.
The only things that I've replaced (twice) have been the windshield suction cups which tend to burn in our Florida sunshine after 5 years or so.
I highly recommend it.
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The support is due for renewal on my old radar and am wondering if it's better to get a new one. Thanks

A few years ago I moved over to the WAZE app and in the areas I drive it works very well in alerting the driver to the presence of police radar/laser.
It isn't perfect and you do need to keep you eyes looking at the forward horizon --and rear view mirror--for police, but to this point I haven't had a reason to get the old Bell detector out of the glove box.
The Escort Max 360 has worked great for me and it has the arrow for direction. It saved me just yesterday. I was in my C7 and a CHP on the side of the road pinged my car 3 times in a row. He wanted me bad...no dice...the Max 360 chirped.

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I've also had the Vi for will over 15 years and have avoided a ticket in this time. The only major change which bothers is their revised upgrade policy. In the past you would send in your old unit and they would bring it up to date for $129 if you are the original owner. They have recently changed this to $289 which is less than a new unit at $399 but pricey.
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