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Nope. 237 on my track car.

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Marc's mileage
george g - 1 year ago
Does anyone have more mileage on a Boxster than Marc ? 310 k I have a third of that with my 2003 S.

at various dealers of other Boxster owners driving cars that have covered big miles, maybe bigger miles than I in mine.

For instance the Springfield MO Porsche dealer told me of a 2.5l Boxster with over 300K miles (and this back in Jan. of 2015 before my Boxster even had 300K miles) in the area and with its original clutch, too.
Maybe if i add 237 + 103 (Audi S6) and 63 (986 base) I can take Marc. :-)

I'll argue that track miles, like dog years, count for 7. That puts Pedro at something like 1.4M, and both my boxsters at "big"


Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
No.... you still don't beat Marc unless your miles are on a car with the original factory IMS! grinning smiley
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