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Re: Just curious, does Porsche offer a variety of driver assist features?

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I know I could google it, but I want to add a topic for discussion.

I see that many manufacturers are offering lane departure, parking assist and automatic emergency braking (and hosts of other systems). Does Porsche offer these on it's sports cars, SUVs or touring cars?

Would you want any of those?
They offer lane assist. Not park assist or emergency braking.

Would I want them? NOPE! Not intersted in having a computer run my life. Once I need tbat, it's time to get a walker with PDK. Just my opinion because I enjoy driving as opposed to being driven around.
Gary in SoFL - 1 year ago
Guenter in Ontario

Would I want them? DID ANYONE ASK? NOPE! Not intersted in having a computer run my life.HA! Once I need tbat, it's time to get a walker with PDK. tick...tick...tick Just my opinion because I enjoy driving as opposed to being driven around. What you do is cruising, NOT driving

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see you soon; bring all your cleaning supplies for while you're not cruising. winking smiley

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The sports cars have park assist as an option. Granted, not the park-it-for-you types in many cars, but an option is park assist. You get these ugly dimples in the bumpers. As you get closer to an object while parking, the warning beeps get faster. Might help in small garages, but for city parking, useless because the car in front or back you you will probably hit your bumper anyway while parking or leaving. I've seen some horribly banged-up bumpers in DC.

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Starting page 16 for what is offered today.
In the new Panamera, they do. They are all optional, and expensive, but they range from the basic lane keep assist, as Gunther points out, to full emergency braking, to traffic jam assist, which actually drives the car for you following the car in front up to about 35 mph, to InnoDrive, which looks ahead about 2 miles (using the nav database and real-time traffic info) and sets the car up "for optimum driving under the prevailing conditions", and it will actually steer the car as required. As with other manufacturers, you have to touch the steering wheel as least every ten seconds, or the system will disconnect. We are not far away from an autonomous Porsche.
that they eliminate human error and make your drive much safer as demo'd in this Tesla video.


Sure makes it nice that you don't have to pay attention to the road any more when you let computers do it for you.
Interesting video. I've found the basic lane keep assist from Porsche very intrusive, and strong in the amount of force it applies to the steering. What's more, in some cases, such as fairly sharp turns on the road, the system sometimes mis-reads the lane markings, and thinks you are leaving your lane when you are actually trying to follow the turn. The system then applies that strong force to keep the car going straight, i.e. in this particular situation, right off the road. A case of the computers not just failing to avoid a crash, but actually acting in a way that may cause one. Caveat emptor.
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