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Since people are always asking about tires.....

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I just put new tires on my 2002 Audi S6 avant.
yes, its a wagon, but it's a great driving car - coilovers, corner weighted, -2 deg camber all around, blah, blah. yes, big and fat too.

Anyway, i just put Michelin Supersports - 245/45-17 (OEM is 255/40-17, long story, not ideal sizing for the rims or load).
Bottom line - terrific tire. Smooth, good feel, quiet, and so far it seems to stick really well and feel balanced. I only have ~75-100 miles on them, but they seem terrific.

I was very happy overall with the BFG g-force comp-2 that i had ( in a 16" size) and also use as the streeties and rain tires on my track boxster.
Note I cant get the supersports to fit the 986 size.

Honestly, unless you want a discount tire ( and on a porsche, why?) i cant see why any street driven car would look beyond these.

On my street/AX 986 i run a bit of an extreme tire, the Hoosierstones, RE-71R. Surprisingly good on the street, but i would not use them in heavy rain.

As always, many tire choices, just like brake pads, are not "good vs bad", but "what do you want to prioritize and how do you plan to use them?"


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