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Status on new motor, tranny break-in

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Well, i got the car back, temporarily, to put more miles on. PS leak was a worn-out reservoir, that would no longer seal at pump. fixed.

Ordered a new center radiator (leak, old one was also just dead, fins bent/missing) and it will go in tomorrow?
But the leak is small enough that I spent the weekend breaking it in. Mileage now stands at 430, and all of them are true break-in miles,
constantly rolling on and off the gas from ~2500 --> 4500. Last night i began a series of sprints, at maybe half throttle to 5500 rpm in 2nd and 3rd gear.

This thing pulls great and revs great. Smooth as can be. Nice rasp to exhaust (stock muffler, cheap-o headers).

Transmission is stiff, but extremely positive and mechanical. I think it will loosen up. LSD is pretty much silent.
Oil usage, and this is pretty "hard" driving, is essentially zero. Might I be one segment down after 430 miles? Maybe, but the bigger variation is with temperature.
Fuel Mileage is 14.6 average. I think that explains the "hard" part :-)

Lots of new parts in addition that are just much easier to do while staring at a motor on a stand - starter, oil cooler, AOS, coolant expansion tank, updated coils,
water pump, t-stat, pretty much every little nut and clamp. All except that STOOPID PS reservoir :-)

Also did all the prep of car for track this weekend - brake fluid, all suspension tight, blah, blah.

Optimistic. I need to be careful on track now - i may have enough power to get myself in trouble.


ps: steve - this is where the headlights go. Both are old and damaged. Right one is literally falling apart.

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Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
Nice story....... can you recap the engine details?

Bruce in Philly
grant - 1 year ago
Same block. rebuilt.

Nickies 3.2--> 3.6 w/matched JE pistons
higher rpm valve springs
re-done everything, many updated to latest spec (coils, chain tensioners, O2 sensors, ....)
carillo rods
racing bearings
new pretty much everything that bolts on and is hard to reach (starter, water pump, Aos, expansion tank, blah, blah)
rebuilt gearbox with LSD
deep sump

So, basically its a complete rebuild with a bunch of parts to make it more durable, and about 15% bigger. Quite conservative tune, at least for now.

Motor probably cost more than the car is worth....

you know how to reach me...

Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
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