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We had a fabulous 70 degree day here in southern Ontario yesterday, so my wife suggested we go out for lunch. ....you know how it is when you own a Boxster. Just can't think of a good place for lunch within 30 miles of home. After stepping out into the warm sunshine, I suggested we have lunch at the Green Frog (OK, about 60 miles from home )

So, after firing up the CURVEN8R, I decided it would be a great idea to take some "roads less travelled" and just headed into the general direction of the restaurant. We hadn't been on most of those roads before and discovered some nice curvy ones. It was a great opportunity to conduct the orchestra with a bit of gusto. smiling smiley So finally, 90 miles later (I know, sunshine, the Symphony in Flat Six and curvy roads makes you lose your sense of direction. ) we arrived at our destination and had a great lunch.

Took a nature picture at our destination and guess who photo-bombed the picture.

.....and the trip back home wasn't much shorter.

Life is good.
Sometimes I enjoy just pointing in a general directions and seeing what I discover


Gotta love that license plate. smiling smiley
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