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Looks like the new Panamera saved the day; all other models were below their April 2016 levels--including the Macan.

Looks like the new Panamera saved the day; all other models were below their April 2016 levels--including the Macan.

Looks like the trend for the Boxster / Cayman is the same in other markets.

In Canada
April 2016 Boxster sales 43
April 2017 Boxster sales 28

April 2016 Cayman sales 47
April 2017 Cayman sales 24

Sales in Germany have the same trend.
April 2016 Boxster sales 367
April 2017 Boxster sales 311

April 2016 Cayman sales 221
April 2017 Cayman sales 76 (Yup, that's seventy-six)

Looks like that 4 cylinder turbo might be quicker from 0 - 60, but slower from dealer lot to the road.
That's a good line, Guenther, "from the lot to the road".

There are a lot of things that could have contributed to the 718 fall off in sales:
- overall decline in automotive sales
-higher prices for the 718,
-change to four banger motor with "revised" exhaust note--to name a few.

The 718, IMHO, is an excellent car for sure, but when prices get bumped significantly at a time when sales overall are falling off, the stage would seem​ to be set for a decline in the sales of the model. Add to that, a power plant / exhaust note change that many owners would feel to be "down-market"( despite more TQ/HP), creates resistance with existing owners of earlier models.

Time will tell if the buying public will warm to the 718 by voting with their check book in numbers similar to the 987/981 models, but at this point I'd say I don't see it happening.
I think that one of the other things that's deterring people from buying the Boxster / Cayman is the complexity of the 4 cylinder and turbo all tightly packed in there.

Just took a look back and compared the Jag F type in Germany. It's numbers went from 186 April 2016 to 207 April 2017 and that's in Porsche's home territory. So why isn't the new Boxster / Cayman doing better. Maybe the sound and relative simplicity of the 6 cylinder has something to do with that.

Let's face it, if you're buying a sports car for the reason it's intended, it should get you excited every time you drive it. The 981 has it all. Sure, the 718 might be slightly faster, but it doesn't get me excited.

Like Chris Harris said in his test. The 718 is still the best car in its class. It's just not as good as the one you could buy last year.
Jag F-type
Roger987 - 4 years ago
I have yet to read a review of the F-type that doesn't mention (rave about) the glorious sound of the engine/exhaust.

I'm not going to try to compare the sound of the F-type and the Flat 6. Both are wonderful, and I have a bias.

Rather, my point is - to many (most?), the engine sound matters... a lot.
Re: Jag F-type
Anker - 4 years ago
Somebody has eventually come up with an exhaust mod that restores some level of decent sound. Maybe not a flat 6 howl, but something much better than a Subaru (I owned one and don't miss it!)
The 718 isn't a great value proposition as much of the magic has been dialled out. If Porsche decontented the car and dropped the price it could work. But if you've got enough to buy an S with some options you're closing in on a 911. If the Boxster is a stretch, you've got a ton of fun cars for the same or less money to choose from with a lot of change left over.
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