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Mine finally went after 15 years so I bit the bullet had it replaced for $480.

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I've seen clear gorilla tape at the hardware store. Thinking about doing a quick repair to my rear window to nurse it along.

The visibility is decent. I just did some Meguair's Plastx, followed by some lemon pledge on my rear window.

I have a couple weak spots at the sides of the window.

Dammit, no attachment button on this forum.
boxster rear window pics

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It is vastly better than packing tape.

I am told that "helicopter tape" is even better, but stupidly costly and hard to find. Plus i cannot say it is in fact better.


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Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
Patched from the inside?

I plan to make a round or oval patch with the Gorilla tape...

New top is probably in the plans. I am just putting it off as long as possible. I don't have money set aside right now for this. The top has been like this for a year, maybe 2. I really try to put the top down only after the plastic has warmed up... Karate chop 75% of the time. No leaks noted yet. However, this is usually just a fair weather car. I use a rinseless wash (Optimum No rinse), so I don't hose the window ever.....
I cracked mine operating it on a cold, winter, sunny day.

Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
My guess is that you'll have to replace yours sooner than later and a big question will be about what shape the top material is in. Good luck.
Looks like the tear is near the "folding point" of the window - so, the fix may not last as long as you'd hope!

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I just had some wide clear packing tape handy and used a strip of that trimmed with scissors to fit the contour of the shape. The crack was close to the edge.

Since I never put the top down the tape help up pretty good. The tape was not that noticeable even to me via the rear view mirror and I forget how long the repair lasted. I may have replaced the tape once when it finally fell prey to the elements.

If the window is bad enough for tape -- and especially if you want to continue to put the top down -- you should get the window replaced.

There are two ways of doing this -- so I've been told. I've only had it done one way. The way it was done for my car was the old window was cut out leaving a narrow outline of its plastic still in the top canvas -- the portion fo the window that is stitched to the top. The new window was sewn in using a separate line of stitches. This created a bit of a raised border aroudn the window -- under the canvas -- but was not really noticeable. My biggest concern was was the new window water tight.

It was.

And the new window held up real well though I still didn't put the top down any.

The other way -- a top shop in Santa Clara told me it uses this technique -- is to remove all remnants of the old top and then sew in the new top. I don't recall if the new top gets sewn in using the same stiching pattern as the old top or if the new top gets a new lne of stitching.

If you elect to get a new window you'll have to ask around about this and pick the replacement technique you feel is best.

The new window lasted as long as the top did, approx. another 7 years. Then the top developed a leak about in the center of the top just ahead of the rear window. In rain or when washing some drops of water would run down the inside of the back window.

Because of the risk to the car's electronics: the secureity module on teh cabin floor under the passenger seat and the engine's control unit afixed to the front bulkhead of the rear trunk I had the top replaced. The guy at the top shop said the old top didn't look that bad but of course a leak is a leak.

While I preferred to keep the car "factory" a new Porsche top even with a discount was around $3K not including installation. I elected to go with the GAHH top and so far it has proved to be the equal to the factory top though I do not lower the top so I don't know how the GAHH top would hold up with more top movement.
I have an almost identical wear tear mark on my 01 Boxster. I am currently sourcing a plastic window replacement . I could get away with doing nothing as my car is a fair weather driver but I am picky and want it perfect. I will post when I get a quote.
I'm currently googling tops now on amazon.ca ; autotopsdirect etc.

I may be able to save money by getting a top sent from autotopsdirect to a mailbox place in Niagara Falls.

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If your new top has the plastic window, go to a boat store and buy Plexus. It not only keeps the plastic clear, it conditions it. I used it (inside and out) on my 2002 Boxster and for seven years of ownership, it stayed clear and never cracked. I put the top down as much as possible in warmer weather (55+ degrees) all the time, sometimes for two weeks straight. Also drove it in the winter, but with the top up.
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