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987.2 Top Closure Problem

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I am having an issue with cable hangup on the top guides when I close the top. I can work around the problem by closing the top part of the way and guiding the cables into position by hand. The problem is on both the driver's side and passenger's side. I have to believe that I am not the first person to have this problem, but I haven't seen it discussed here. The picture shows the issue:[s153.photobucket.com]
Here's a video that can help for the 987 models:

The 987 apparently uses these straps to pull the sides into the channels. On the 986 top, there's a leaf spring.
After spending some time searching with Google, I have come to the conclusion that I will live with the problem for the time being. The elastic straps that pull the sides of the top into position lose their elasticity over time. The straps have some holes that allow some adjustment but don't address the root cause and removing the slack in the straps just causes the remaining elasticity to vanish more rapidly. The correct solution is to replace the straps one way or another as shown in the video. People don't report success with Porsche dealer service addressing this problem.
... go to any sewing department and purchase some black elastic strap. 3/4 inch is best. Walmart has them for about $4.00.
Cut two 7" pieces.
Put the top in service position (open about 18"winking smiley and look at your existing straps. Look at the anchor point closest to the tension cable.
Cut the existing strap leaving about one inch from the tension cable and staple one end of the newly cut strap to it. Don't be afraid of using 6 or 8 staples..
After stapling use some pliers to make sure that the staple ends are flat and won't damage the top's material.
Take the free end and do the same as described but put a bit of tension on the elastic. Do a test with one or two staples and adjust as necessary, then finish off as on the other end.
Repeat for the other side.
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I will update when I get around to making the fix.
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