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Brake Pad question for DE/Track use

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I've used Pagid Yellow (RS-29) front and back in my 986S with great result. They are significantly better than OEM for track use. I noticed on here and other forums that some people use Pagid yellow in the front and Pagid black (RS -14) in the rear. How does this change the braking performance? I now have a 981 Cayman GTS but the brake system and weight of the vehicle is very close to the 986S so I think it is safe to assume similar braking performance changes. The Black has higher friction coefficient (I believe) so it will transfer bias rearward. I assume it will aid in trail breaking, making the car a little more settled under heavy trail breaking? Comments?
The yellows are generally for Enduro use.
I use orange for the fronts and blacks for the rear at tracks such as Sebring (very bumpy and rough), but go with all-around orange pads at tracks such as Homestead-Miami (smooth pavement).
Be careful with transferring more bias to the rear axle on mid-engined cars. If you are used to trail-braking you could end up spinning.
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I've used the RS-29 pads (F&R) for the past 4 years on a 981BS. No issues with braking as far as balance or fade.
I understand some go with blacks on the rear since the friction coefficient is a bit higher (IIRC) on the blacks.
One concern has been with blacks is that they wear the rotors more rapidly than the yellows.
The Yellows are very easy on rotors--I still have the OE rotors on the rears and 20+ tracks days on them.
As pedro noted, the yellows are an enduro pad, but i too find them pretty good for DE type use.

Now, to your balance question. In general, rear bias will cause the rear to break first, meaning that at the wrong time, it could initiate a spin. Overall I would say rear bias is a poor choice. What problem are you trying to overcome? I generally find most any balanced pad just fine, with the biggest variable being my timing and judgement....

Honestly i have OEM in there now, not by choice, but still true.


Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
Thanks guys for the help. Grant, I was just seeking to understand brakes pads and relative performance better, I really didn't have issues with yellows all the way around, in fact, it worked really well for me. I was just exploring alternatives and saw that a fair number of people use blacks on the rear and I was wondering why. I'm getting ready to buy pads for my 981 GTS and wanted to make sure I was getting the right stuff (for me). I think I will avoid the blacks and go with yellows all the way around. Thanks again.

On another note, anyone going to be at VIR this weekend? I would like to meet you, if so.
Yellows, PF and VIR
grant - 11 months ago
Hi Newt,

Alas, no VIR for me until end of October.

Many, many use yellows and as you noted, they are rotor friendly which is important to me.

I also hear great things about performance friction. I have not yet used them, but plan to give them a try.

Stoptech 309s are a really excellent dual use pad, easy on rotors, and generally quiet. They hold up to high temperatures, so they are safe, although their coefficient of friction declines with temperature - to me their biggest weakness. Did i mention they are dirt cheap.


Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
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