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The display went wierd on my CDR-220. Also, I have an aftermarket GPS on a Garmin mount in one cubby and an XM receiver on another Garmin mount in the second cubby. I priced replacing the CDR-220 or just the front panel and wow! I couldn't believe the prices, even for used on e-Bay.

I bought an Alpine INE-W960 and am installing it now. I had previously done a cupholderrectomy where I moved the AC to the top, the radio in the second slot, and two cubbies down below. I replaced the AC in its original location at the bottom, put a single cubby over it and am mounting the Alpine in the top two locations. It's going pretty well, but I'm not very good at planning, as evidenced by the need to do some work, order some parts, do some work, rinse and repeat.

I removed the u-bracket behind the fascia, drilled the rivets holding the spring steel retainers and replaced the u-bracket as it does a nice job of supporting the rear of the head unit. I used an oscillating multi-tool to cut out the separating bar between the top and second bay of the mount. The mounting cage now fits nicely in the hole.

After I received it I discovered that the Alpine will display the output of a backup camera. I plan to pick up the reverse signal from the backup lights and route that wire along with the camera video cable to the console. The Alpine apparently does not have speed adjustable volume, unless it gets it from the GPS as there is no wire for that. Other than those two items, the hookup appears to be straightforward.

I'll post a picture or two when I'm done.


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