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Im New here

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Im New here
sickboyx13 - 10 months ago
Hey Guys ans Gals, I am new to the boards here..and really new to the world of Porsche, I just wanted to introduce myself and give a brief intro- I didn't see a place for these so I figured here was ok, I am from Central California and own a 2007 Boxster --- bought it last year with 56k on the odo--- now it has 90k and its my daily driver , and I love it , not too many problems--- replaced a water pump and did a 60k service and installed spark plugs and oil separator new tires and just plain general maintenance... I am having a top issue now-- and will go into it on the appropriate forum , but wanted to say hello ..and my name is Jeff --- I have been a Ford service advisor for over 13 years and currently working as a Subaru advisor ... I dont know how much help I can be here but any questions Id be happy to answer cool smiley
Nice to have you on board.
I've tried to answer your top question in your other post.
Do you have pictures of you Boxster that you can post?
Happy Boxstering,

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yes, ill post some up when Im off work...thanks for the warm welcomethumbs up
Indeed, welcome. Some of us are not on daily - as we once were, but this is among the best car communities on the net.
You're lucky to be able to drive your Boxster all year. Sounds like you're enjoying your Boxster for what it was designed. Driving.

We'd love to see pictures of your car.

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Moderator - Welcome - location
Boxsterra - 10 months ago
It's nice to see where our users are located. Check it out.

You can enter your location here: [pedrosboard.com]
Ditto thumbs up
Gary in SoFL - 10 months ago
I was just talking to a 911 owner from VT who puts winter tires onhis C4 and drives it all year around, as it was designed for. Lots more fun than just waxing the paint off for six months a yesr in the garage. drinking smiley

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Gundo - I am looking at you.
And others on the TSBL list.
thanks boxsterra! i just updated my location since we moved end of last year. wow, there were two other members here who were only blocks away from me in vancouver! i wish i had known.

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