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PSA - Car won't start - Crank Position Sensor

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My Boxster is a 2000S with 64K miles. Over the past month or two occasionally the car would not fire. I'd wait a few minutes and then it would fire up. When it did not fire it turned over just fine but I would get nothing in the way of mis-firing or sputtering. I hooked up my Durametric and had a fault in the crank position sensor (code P0336 I believe). I removed the sensor and found a glob of goo right in the center of the tip. I cleaned it up and put a little contact cleaner in the plug connection and reinstalled. I also cleared the fault. For the past few weeks the car's starting has been faultless. Hope this info helps someone.
That is interesting information.

Any idea how a glob of goo would get on the sensor?
I imagine just wear and tear and it's near the clutch (I believe). The glob was not much bigger than a round pin head. I myself would hate to pay to replace that sensor when a quick wipe with a towel and it's good to go again. It is a bit of a chore to get at the sensor. Mark
Thanks Mark. It is good to know that it could be a "relatively" easy / inexpensive repair if you know what to look for.

We had the Crank Position Sensor cause stalling on our BMW while we were on a trip. It wasn't cheap to have it replaced at the dealer.
I don't thing the goo was the issue.
That part is a proximity sensor and should work fine even when covered in goo.
It probably had a loose or corroded connection so when you disconnected it, cleaned it and and reconnected it that's when you fixed it.
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I think the goo had a metallic component. The sensor is cylindrical with a flat circular surface on top. It is about 10mm across and I think the active area is about 2mm and in dead center. The blackish goo was a "ball" on only the center 2mm area only, the rest of the sensor was bright shiny and clean. However, I always use a contact cleaner on electrical connections, especially when I first unplug them. I do not like doing something twice so I take my time and do a little extra. My 2000 Box. S is a summer only car. The undercarriage has absolutely no corrosion.
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