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AC Recharging

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AC Recharging
babamoto - 10 months ago
Hey, guys (and women if you are one):

Hope y'all are well.

QUESTION: Do you guys DIY the recharging of the air conditioners in your 986/7s or do you let a AC shop or dealer handle it? We're having record high temps in Southern California and I thought it might be a good idea to charge the AC.

Do these bottles of compressed refrigerant they sell at auto parts store work well? I drove the car for 12 years before the AC's once frigid output became just cool and afterwards I just drove with top or windows down. My wife requires top up and arctic AC or she will not ride in the Boxster, even though the personalized plates on it are emblazoned with her nickname. Picky, picky, picky....

Anyway, all feedback welcomed, and take care everyone.


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You can recharge the A/C as a DIY project, but there are several things to keep in mind.
• If your system needs recharging, it means that the refrigerant leaked out. That needs to be addressed first.
• When recharging the system care must be taken to not overcharge. A pressure (low side) reading should be done to ensure that the pressure is what the manufacturer recommends.
• The refrigerant in the A/C system is mixed with oil in order to lubricate the compressor. If you just recharge gas when the system is also low in oil, it could damage the compressor.
So, why not have a pro take a look at it?
They can safely and legally evacuate the system and do a vacuum test to ensure that there are no leaks and to fix them if found. They can then refill the system with the correct amounts of oil/gas.
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Re: AC Recharging
babamoto - 10 months ago
So it's risky, eh? Okay, guess I should look around for estimates and get it done by a professional.
Thanks for the advice. Stay well.

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