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Re: So as rumored, the NA motor is not dead in all 718 variants

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The $64,000 question, will it be a four or a six cylinder?
and with the Boxster Spyder as a cousin, it makes sense that it would have a NA flat 6. I am just wondering if the rumored GT4RS with a 4.0 flat 6 will see the light of day.
... Club Racing Scrutineer, I get to talk to and hear from many of the in-the-know people of our sport.
Since we have to make sure that any Porsche built is considered and has a space in our rules, we get some prior notice of what's coming.
Most of the time it's unofficial, but none the less ...
What we've heard is that the GT3 will definitely go to 4.0 liters. If that happens, we also expect to see the GT4 and the Boxster Spyder share a de-tuned version of the same engine.
Remember that in the past the 986/987 did not share the same engine architecture with their respective GT2, GT3 and Turbos. Now they do.
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On the GT3 4.0 NA Engine front, Car and Driver in July reviewed this beast with a 6-speed manny tranny. Gave it rave reviews. Base price $146,000. Redline 9,000 RPMs.
When the 718 NA 6 or 7 speed manual 4.0 LTR Spyder is released, will there be a limited quantity made or will the demand dictate the production run?

Is there any way we can get Porsche to release it on the configurator a few years early so I can have fun again...no fun building the available Boxster models as I have to shut off my speakers.winking smiley

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