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Re: Checking in - still my daily driver at 207K miles - shuttering/lunging issue at slow speeds

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My 2002 2.7 base with 207K still my daily driver. Starting to have an issue with low speed lunging/surging going up a grade a low rpms (tiptronic). I am wondering if this is a transmission problem, and have been waiting for it to get worse before I take it to my local indy. If I downshift to increase rpm's, seems to go away. Any thoughts on what this could be?

2002 2.7 Seal Grey Tip
Santa Cruz, CA
Does it also surge at idle speeds? If so, its probably an air leak.
Could be a number of things
Boxsterra - Monday at 8:39:17 am
Do you have any codes (including pending codes, which don't trigger the CEL)?

Fuel delivery (clogged injectors, e.g.)

As I recommended in another thread, I would recommend running a bottle of Techron fuel system cleaner (not fuel injector cleaner) through the system and see if the problem gets better or goes away.
But before you go much further my recommendation is to have an experienced Porsche tech road test the car and advise you. He should be able to distinquish between a stumble/hesitation caused by the engine vs. one caused by a misbehaving Tip.

Assuming it is engine related, any pending error codes?
Hi Marc,

It's been a while since last service (9 months), about 40 k on spark plugs. Probably time to have my local Indy check it out. Thanks so much and I will post the out come. So great to have you still around on this board for invaluable source. Boxsterra too,

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