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Re: 718 Boxster trunk size

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718 Boxster trunk size
Tim - 10 months ago
I am thinking of trading from a 2003 Boxster to a new 718 but I am getting mixed answers on one deal-breaker question. Will a set of golf clubs fit in the rear trunk of the new 718 Boxster like they do in my 986? I am told the new trunk is not as wide, can anyone give me measurements? Any personal experience with this? Thanks for any feedback!
I'm pretty sure the trunk of the 718 is pretty similar in size to the 981.

I can't fit my golf bag complete with clubs into the trunk of my 981. I put the driver and woods behind the seat and the bag with the rest of clubs fit into the trunk just fine.

I'd recommend taking your clubs to the dealer and see how they fit. That way you'll know for sure how your clubs will / won't fit.
Thanks for the input, but the nearest dealer is hundreds of miles away. And I went through my PCA Region member list (Dakotas Region), and there isn't a 718 Boxster listed. I'm hoping for an answer without driving to Denver for it.
Tim ...
Pedro (Weston, FL) - 10 months ago
... I stopped by my local dealer to check.
It's exactly what Guenter says.
The 981 and 718 have the same rear trunk.
It is a bit narrower inside than the 986, especially right next to the taillights, where people would put the drivers.
A standard size golf bag fits with only the short clubs. The drivers and woods would have to go in the cabin with you.
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Wow! A week of searching on the internet and mixed answers from salesmen on the phone gets me no where, but a few hours on "Pedrosboard" and I get useable information! Thanks to all for your help.

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