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Anyone regularly travel with a dog as a passenger in your boxster? Any tips?

We have a 50lb golden doodle that I need to bring home from the cottage next weekend. Wondering if she will be a decent passenger in the front passenger seat of the boxster. 3hr trip.

I might end up taking the jetta and having her use the back seat.
long ago, I tried to get one of my greyhounds in my Boxster. Way too large of a creature. I've seen doodles, and they, too, seem to big and gangly to sit in a seat for 3 hours straight. I'd take the sedan.
the other, not so much. I'd err on the side of caution and take the sedan, especially since it's a 3 hr trip.
She couldn't curl up in the seat. Couldnt safely sit on the seat. Ok, she was 95 lbs, but still.

Absolutely LOVED the wagon.

I dont think its safe at all.



I didn't make a habit of it, but my 85 lb. German Shepherd mIx, "Cayman" loved riding in the Boxster.
Depends on the size of the dog (not just weight). The airbag must be turned off, no ifs, ands or buts. And a good harness must be attached to the seat belt receptacle.
Basically, do as you would if it were a child (aside from the baby seat).
We decided to take the Jetta. She is 10 yrs old and seems now to get nervous travelling. Never happened when she was younger... It would probably be too much to be in the passenger seat of the boxster.

She did fine in the Jetta, normally she gets half the hatch of our q7.

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