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718 Cayman S vs Cayman GT4

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Nice video and comparison between the 2 cars.

1.5 seconds difference between the two cars, but one was on real street tires (718S).
OTOH the 718 had a PDK, probably worth 1.5/2.0 seconds per lap. I guess a PDK equipped 718S running Cup 2 tires will be very competitive with the GT4.

Went back and looked at the pricing on the video and the 718S had a sticker of roughly $95K--similar to what the GT4's base price was. Except, with a base price of $67K that Cayman had nearly $30K worth of options. If you kept the options skinny--19" rims, sport + seats, sport PASM and a few other do dads, it might sticker at $75K --or more than $20K less than the GT4.

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