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I used a black cable tie.

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The clips that hold my windscreen in place are a bit worn, I have used piece of weatherstripping in the past to keep the rattle down... However, the weather stripping compresses over time and the windstop starts rattling again... This is more noticeable when driving with the top up. (Moreso now as we head into fall.

Anyone try hotglue to stop the rattle? A couple small dabs or lines along the roll bars should hold it in place. The rollbar is silver so shouldn't get too hot in the sun if left parked with the roof down.

I only remove the windscreen to clean the inside plastic back window maybe once a year.
If your clips are good a piece of foam weather stripping on top of the roll bar should do the trick. If they are work, replace them, they are inexpensive at Pelican.
I had the same problem on my MY2000 S. I put very thin pieces of felt on the roll-bar in many places. worked perfectly.

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Replace it - cheap
Boxsterra - 10 months ago
It stopped the rattle and prevents total detachment from the car.
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