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The good news is that I have heard of very few

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I'm quite familiar with pre 09 (986's) so what are the major problems to look for in a PDK 09?
I am about to buy a base 09 with 19,000 miles.
The big pre-2009 issues seem to be resolved. Not just the IMS, the poster child, but many, many aspects of the motor are improved:
block integrity, oiling, rods and bearings, IMS, etc.

I dont know of any issues with the PDK transmissions, although i suspect that like any such box, servicing it more frequently than suggested is not abad idea. Case in point, on the ZF supplied tiptronics in 2002-2003 audi S6s and similar high torque cars, Audi says the ATF is lifetime. ZF, on the other hand, says 50k km; and it makes a significant difference in operation and life. Maybe the "lifetime" part is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Of course, yours has more traditional gear oil, but even then i'd consider service before the manual indicates - certainly around 50-60k miles depending on the type of service it receives.

Change the oil frequently on infrequently used cars (20k miles/8 years is infrequently used). Read a post i wrote days ago for why.


Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
If all goes "well" I'll be picking up the 09 Base PDK 19,000 miles...Red/Tan Thursday...
It'll be to PEDRO for oil and brake flush very soon after....
I'm "pumped"
I have heard of no serious widespread problems with the 2009 and newer Boxsters. There seems to be more than usual battery issues with Porsches. I had an unexplained discharge issue a few weeks ago that has not recurred. I was told by the service manager that the car should be left locked, even in the home garage. The tire pressure sensors are due to be replaced if this has not been done. In fact, the tires should be replaced for reasons of age if they are original.
.. have battery issues. There are many more sources of constant drain in today's cars. When coupled with a car that is driven Sunday's to church (can;t be late!) or alternate Sundays, or left in the garage for weeks during he winter, this is becoming a regular issue for many.

I learned that my cars go into sleep mode quickly if they are locked. Unlocked they stay "awake" for [[days? a week? I forget]].

So yes, locking them may be helpful (turn off the alarm so you dont set it off).

I have finally become a trickle charge owner, with a unit that can also perform de-sulfiting, model courtesy of Boxsterra. I cant recall the name, its the Swedish one that also makes the OEM units for Porsche and the other dancing horse guys....


Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
Only thing I'd be worried about is that it is such a low mileage car (2,400 miles/year, or 45 miles/week). Did a grandma own it and she only drove it to church on Sundays? Cars need to stretch their legs every so often. That being said, I have a PDK and love it. Much better than the tip. While mine is an '09 with PDK, it is a 997S that has direct fuel injection. The Boxster did not get DFI until '10. The 997 engine was also reworked for '09 model year. I have 55K miles and have had no issues with it, knock on wood. Transmission has been fine, too. I manually shift, but the auto can adjust to your driving, when you want to be aggressive, it shifts to match. My car burns more oil than either of my previous Boxsters, but that might just be a 911 thing. I think for a first-year engine, it doesn't have any of those first-year kinks to work out. Porsche seemed to have gotten it right, right out of the box.
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