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Re: Drive a different Porsche every week?

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It will cost you, though. Pilot program in Atlanta to "subscribe" to Porsche, choose from 8 or 22 different models, depending on the plan: Drive a different Porsche Program
i just saw an article about this as well, looks the same so probably just a press release from porsche. [techcrunch.com]

i don't know if this would interest me but it's definitely intriguing. how would this compare to a lease? okay, a lease is going to be for the same care for the term but just curious about the cost.

mileage cap? how often can you swap cars? what about insurance that's included, what does it cover?

would be nice to have more info from the proverbial horse's mouth.

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It would be nice for the family person who can't justify a sports car due to practicality. If you can definitely swap it out from time to time for a Pepper or Tiger to take the family to the mountains or beach, then it could be an interesting proposition.

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