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Re: Remote keys stopped working at same time after 1,5 days

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Hello Everyone,

I'm having a strange issue with my 2.7 2003 boxster lately. I was driving the car daily and using the remote key to lock/ unlock normally. After 1.5 days, in which I was away and didn't drive the car, it seems that BOTH keys ( initial and spare) have stopped working. Maybe the key ( in my pocket ) was pressed many times ( but not over 1024) and it got toasted? But even so, the spare key should be working fine. Already tried to re sync them ( unlocking door and ignition on, start engine and press unlock key etc...) but all attempts failed. Both keys not opening neither the trunk/frunk nor the doors. Both keys are flashing, when pressed, so I guess it's not battery. I have to manually unlock with key, and even so, it only unlocks the drivers door and nothing else (Passenger door stays locked, gas the same, and the dash lock switch stays red). The alarm system works fine, I also checked the Fuses and they all seem OK (E1,B8,C3). The car doesn't do any diagnostic "beep" or anything else...

Plus, there seems Not to be any moisture under the drivers seat.

I have already done my homework here ( apparently ) but none solutions worked. How is it possible that both keys stopped working after almost two days of car inactivity?

Any Idea , Suggestions would be appreciated,


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Hope you get some responses.....my two keys weren't working when I purchased the car....same thing; lights flash but no activity. Manual locking does work though, although randomly it seems that I do something wrong and the manual locking doesn't work for the alarm/passenger door and I seem to have no way of locking the passenger door. So I have two similar issues: 1) both keys blink but don't work remotely 2) manual locking will intermittently not activate alarm and lock passenger door, fuel filler door, etc (although this doesn't happen often.) Any guidance appreciated and good luck Williamhawk

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we discussed it here some months back. I have sorta given up.

Its not the keys - kinda obvious from BOTH going bad, but i also checked and went through the re-pairing dance. Twice.

Mine occurred after the car sat for the winter while i rebuilt, well, nearly everything :-) I can imagine that something was dislodged - e.g.: n antenna wire, in all the work. I dont knwo exactly where it is or how its connected, but when i get the ambition that will be one of my first things to check.

Why? Logic works. Lights flash and things chirp. Lock works mechanically. Not key fobs themselves. Appears not to be pairing.

SO it must be something between the locking logic and the key - the transmitter/receiver, its connection, or something subtle.

Good luck, and if you find out, please tell me/us.


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