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Anybody else have this issue?

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05-987, edge of top doesn't always seat itself in the track. Is there a simple adjustment for this or is it a function of top that has shrunk in some way?

The edge of the soft top needs to be pulled in by an elastic band that has lost its elasticity.
Look under the liner and you will see the culprit.
It's a relatively easy fix.
Go to a Fabric shop or Fabric department (Walmart) and purchase 3/4 in elastic band used for sewing.

Open the convertible top about 30 inches.
Loosen the roof liner by undoing the two velcro straps that secure it to the frame in the vicinity of the problem.
This allows you enough room to insert your hand(s) to fix the issue.
Cut the worn elastic strap out of your car leaving 1/2 inch on each of its anchor points.
Cut a piece of the new elastic band 1 inch shorter than the piece you cut out.
Using a stapler carefully staple one anchor point to one end of the newly cut band.
Put 3 or 4 staples across the band in the same direction, then 3 or 4 more perpendicularly.
Use a pair of pliers to make sure that the staple ends do not protrude and scratch the inside of the canvas top.
Repeat on the other end of the new elastic band.
Repeat the whole process on the other side of the car.

The edge of the convertible top should now be pulled in about 1/2 inch from the frame where it was overlapping when the top is put in service mode (open about 18 inches).
As the top closes, the band slowly stretches and directs the edge of the top into the frame's channel.

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