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Porsche Settles Wrongful Death Suit (NBC) Brought By Paul Walker's Family

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What a crock.
grant - 11 months ago
He knew what the car was.
Every owner did, or should.
It was driven too aggressively for the conditions (unknown - public roads).
No one can expect a car to be retrofitted with stability control - and its equally well known that competition cars either have no stability control,
or ones with incredibly high thresholds. GM and Ferrari in fact have such modes.

If i recall the facts, the biggest negligence was the old tires, which is the owner's fault.

I hate seeing such self serving lawsuits.


Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
Yep...I read it had the original tires on it. Not much tread wear due to low mileage but OLD! Get enough lawyers to bury you in paperwork and legal costs, and almost everyone has to give in.....or risk the chance of putting it in front of a jury of dumbasses and blame the big, bad rich corporation.....the days of personal responsibility for ANYTHING are in our rear views......sorry for the rant.

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