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MarcW - 11 months ago
Today I worked on my Boxster.

Replaced the MAF. Decided to throw a new MAF at that pesky rather persistent P1128 error. Picked up the new MAF the other day and on the way in the CEL came on and I just *know* it is that P1128 error. (Actually I chickened out and checked and it is the P1128. But just my luck if I hadn't it would have been something different.)

Decided to do this at work. Gathered up my tools and the MAF in its box and went downstairs to the car.

Put the top in the service position of course. Noticed right away the aftermarket top window doesn't fold as nicely as the original top window. I was doing the "chop" a number of times as I brought the top to the full service position. Finally got the top in the service position with no big kinks in the plastic window. Still it did not fold as smoothly as the factory top plastic window.

With the engine exposed -- oh is it dusty -- had a heck of a time finding the right Torx (security) bit. While I have a set Torx tool bits my eyes have lost their calibration and all Torx screw heads look alike to me. After trying a number of likely bits several times I finally managed to find one that fit in the more exposed screw. Managed to get the screws out without dropping them.

But unable to unsnap the damn latch on the MAF. Enlisted the help of co-worker and after he struggled a bit I heard the "click" and he handed me the old MAF and I handed him the new MAF then after a bit I heard the "click" again. Co-worker even offered to put the screws in for me and I let him. What a guy! Hey I held the flashlight.

Anyhow, the new MAF is in and I have my data logging CarChip set to clear the error codes when I plug it back in the car tonight before going home.

Oh, I started the engine once with the engine exposed just to make sure the new MAF works well enough that the engine runs. Engine started right up and idled pretty darn smooth. Maybe its my imagination but smoother than it has been idling.

Put the covers back over the engine and hooked up the top cables and snapped the apron rail into its clips and restarted the engine again and closed the top. Engine still idled smooth.

Looking forward to road testing the car on the way home from work.

Having a bit of a heat wave and it is in warmer weather the P1128 appears. In fact it came on today on the way in to work. So I'll get a chance to see if it appears maybe tonight -- still a bit warm out -- or tomorrow when I drive the car in to work and then drive it to lunch and back in the heat of the day.

My fingers are crossed the new MAF is the cure. I am 1 for 2 when it comes correctly diagnosing a CEL is due to a bad MAF. I'm hoping to improve my record to 2 for 3.
and definitely the engine is running better. Better throttle response. Better pick up when I give it some whip. Because it was still a bit warm and I drove through town and in traffic -- just to get the engine plenty hot and the MAF too which is when it seems the P1128 is more likely to appear -- the radiator fans would come on. And before the MAF change when the radiator fans came on the engine felit like it was a bit of a struggle to deal with the added load.But last night while I could tell from the engine when the radiator fans were on the engine was not struggling.

Will drive the Boxster to work today and give that P1128 error code every chance to reappear.
And still no CEL.

After stting unused since Thursday night this AM when I went to use the car at the cold start and during the subsequent cold idle the engine felt smoother. Once under way I noitced low end response better. My usual route after a cold start at home has me often stopped at a stop light on an incline. I have to start the car moving from a dead stop up an incline and then upshift while still going up the incline. Because the engine is still cold I don't rev the engine much above 3K. Before when I upshifted the engine and the RPMs dropped when in the higher gear the engine felt like it was a bit of struggle to keep the car moving up the incline. But today the engine was unfazed and just pulled the car up the incline like it wasn't even there.

Car running better to the point I want to drive the car somewhere just for fun. Haven't felit like doing that in some time.
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