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Re: How Many Miles?

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I picked up my car from the shop after having some work done (catalytic converter, air-oil separator, oil service) and the service manager said mine was the highest mileage Boxster he's seen. I know there are people on this board with more than mine - 2000 Speed Yellow - 173K Miles, original owner, no IMS replacement (knock on wood), original clutch and daily driver for 17 years.
I had an '02 Speed Yellow S, that had the IMS go at 10,001. I replaced it with my current Aqua Blue, '09 S Cab that has 55,000 miles, and is also my daily driver (live 4 miles from the office). Eight more years till I join the 100K club.
grant - 1 year ago
.. but not on the original motor. Bruce (well, Porsche) replaced one motor early, and I got it with the 2nd toast (not an IMS however...) I re-did the suspension (track oriented), put in a junkyard motor that ran, badly, for 4 years and rebuilt that this winter. The balance of the car is original, with maintenance.

2000 986S


ps: i think marc is at or near 300k

Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
190k *NM*
Boxsterra - 1 year ago
Factory ordered and I have 147k on mine and it was a daily driver until 2 years ago. I still love the sound of the flat 6 and I think the styling is holding up very well. Oh and 987's have hydraulic steering and a real E brake.
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210K Miles
BarryL - 1 year ago
I ordered my 2002 Boxster 2.7L, Tip, waited for it to be built and shipped, picked it up and drove it out of the show room floor. Since then, I have put every mile on it. IMS failure at 36K miles in 2006, and porsche replaced with new crate factory engine. I enjoy driving this car every bit as much as the day I drove it out of the showroom.

BarryL '02 2.7 Seal Grey Tip 207K Santa Cruz, CA
Going the other way, I just bought an 09 (Base) with 19,200 miles..
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