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Re: Attention, non contortionists and inflexible owners! Getting to ignition switch

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Been a while since I posted, but have been on this board for a long time (pre-Pedro).

My 2001 Boxster is starting to experience the symptoms of old age, not unlike myself. It’s a 2001 with a little over $50k. The ignition switch crapped out. Went to the DIY here and on Pelican Parts and bought the switch.

Had to really wrestle with the duct, my cat learned some new words. Finally got to the switch. How the heck did you folks get to it? Had a small screwdriver which I proceeded to drop in the foot well. Probably should have popped the top to get a better angle. But, with the problems with the switch the less I used the key the better. Don’t really want to pull the bent. I’m sure I’ll screw up more stuff. Maybe an angled screwdriver? Or wait until the Chinese Acrobats come to town and hire them.

Overall I haven’t had to put much into it other than routine maintenance,some of which I’ve done myself. Thanks in advance.
nothing to do with your fixing the ignition switch but you've piqued my curiosity. You've been on this board for a long time "pre-Pedro?" How could it be this board if this board is literally Pedro's Board?
and your 2001 has a little over fifty-thousand dollars?
i think i know the answer to my own two questions but just curious to know if i'm right.

MY 2000 S, Ocean Blue, Metropol Blue, Savanah Beige. Bought June 2000 - Sold May 2010
Lol typo s/be 50,000 miles. If I recall the MSRP wasn’t to far off that/

If I recall, and the older I get it’s harder, there was a Boxster Board back when the Boxster first came out. I joined probably in 2000. I thought that board morphed in to this one. But, I could be wrong. And if I am I stand corrected.
I think replacing the ignition switches gets you qualified for a job at Cirque du Soleil. I know 'cause I managed to replace it maybe 10 years ago with some on-line help from Pedro ... thanks. Been a fan of Pete's / Pedro's Boards since acquiring my '99 in '04. Couldn't imagine these last 14 years of P986 Permagrin without the Boxster board community.
Great to see that my recollection is accurate, so it was PPBB. One never knows. I think in 2001 is when I should have replaced the switch I was a hell of a lot more flexible.
Pedro saved the Board from extinction after the original creator of Porsche Pete's Boxster Board (PPBcool smiley passed away suddenly. Pete had to change the name because Porsche was cracking down on copyright. PPBB was around in '98 when I was looking for my first Boxster. Pedro was a regular on PPBB, even before he owned his first Boxster.
I replaced my ignition switch a few years back and the biggest problem I had was finding a screw driver that was short enough to get in the space where my hand & wrist could exert enough pressure and torque to remove the small set screw. I took the flat head bit from the screw driver below, drilled a hole in a golf ball and glued the bit in the hole. You may be able to find a ready made tool, but the, "Titleist Driver" worked great. I even sent it to another boarder at one point and he used it with success as well. I'd offer, but I seem to have misplaced it.

Now THAT’S a great idea! Finally able to do something productive with my golf balls aside from lose them.
Sears makes or made a stubby screwdriver that is perfectly sized. I still have mine if someone needs it.

Just went thru this ORDEAL on my 2000 Boxster today. Yeah it was EXTREMELY difficult to contort in there, see what i needed to see, and get the old one out. Almost gave up but someone got that much done.

Unfortunately for me the part I ordered from Pelican (4A0-905-849-B-M56) didn't work - the existing part turned out to be slightly different shaped and color and diff part#4B0-905-849.........so I will have to regroup and try again later w/ the new part.

Think if you could move the pedals out of the way that would help (mildly) but sure that brings in more headaches.
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