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I know there was a CD/MD multiple CD magazine option that went in the frunk. If that 's correct, were all cars pre-wired for this option?

What other options for multiple CD playing (rather than storing) work well? Thanks, Tom
... copy them to your smartphone or to your icloud account.
Install a BlueTooth interface to your CR 220 and enjoy.
I installed the TechnoTooth to my CDR 210 and couldn't be happier.
BTW you also get hands-free telephone.
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bur of course you're right. Tom
Exactly... 6 CDs versus potentially thousands of songs on a smart phone, or (even better) unlimited songs via Spotify streaming or similar (if your data plan can handle it). While you're at it, ditch the CD storage bin as well as the useless cupholders if you have it and replace it with proper storage binnacles and correct adapters, while moving the HVAC controls up top. See below...

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