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Its not so much ...

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Amazon has these on sale for $24.95 with a coupon.

Oh Boxster gurus, will this work in my 2000 non-S?

... and if you find H7s the issue is usually with heat dissipation.
High intensity LED bulbs generate a lot of heat at their base (power supply).
Happy Boxstering
The link lets you click on multiple sizes. The H7's are now sold out (apparently) and no longer shown.

*IF* the H7s reappear, should I spend the money, or assume that the heat will yellow my lenses (of a 2000!) or otherwise mess with my car?

Is there an upgraded bulb which would provide superior (to the Sylvania's I'm using) light and visibility without causing damage?

... that they will yellow the lenses. They probably won't.
The extra heat is generated at the base of the bulb, not at the light output, so the heat builds up in the main chamber where it roasts the wiring.
I've considered developing a ventilation system to dray out heat but it needs to be water proof because the headlights get splashed with water when driving in the rain.
The other issue is that the LED bulbs disperse light out of four square patched (diode) on the face of the "bulb" whereas the halogen disperses light from a filament inside a glass bulb that equally distributes the light in 360 degrees.
The lenses in the headlight were designed for this 360 distribution, so installing the 90x4 instead of 360 will give you a weird light pattern on the road which may interfere with oncoming traffic.
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I have been using the Osram Night Breaker H-7 halogen bulbs. I think there is a noticeable improvement over the OEM H-7's. Found this comparison video (granted, not in a 986):


I also use the Osram Cool Blue W5W for the parking lights.

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Are these as good/better choice than the standard Night Breaker?

OSRAM Night Breaker Laser H7 Car Halogen Headlight Bulbs 55W (2 Pack)

It's time to buy a new set for Betsy (2000 2.7).

No experience with the "Laser" variant, sorry.

Gary 2003 Boxster Base - Midnight Blue Metallic, Savanna Beige, Metropol Blue
I understand you haven't used them. Is there anything in the description to cause me NOT to buy them?

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