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Boxster S > Model S

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Our Boxster S has been replaced with a Tesla Model S.


We have had two generations of Boxster S' since 2001. Three years ago, we bought a Tesla Model S. Since then, the Porsche has seen decreasing use. Compared to the Model S, the Porsche just seems like a contraption.

Recently, we sold the Porsche and traded in on a new Model S with the latest traffic and safety features. Admittedly, the Porsche and Model S are as different as two cars can be, but the Model S has unique virtues that appeal to us much more at this time.

If Porsche (or VW, for that matter) offered a practical all-electric vehicle of comparable sophistication, with a national network of "superchargers," and an heritage of environmentalism, and a similar buying experience, we may have done otherwise. But, I regret to say, VW/Porsche/Audi are just not that far seeing.

For the duration of our Porsche ownership, the cars were maintained by Porsche North Scottsdale, and our service advisor was Mark Williams. Mark and the service department were excellent throughout. Everything was always fixed correctly on the first trip, which is unique, in my experience. Our purchasing experiences at this dealer, however, may have been more pleasant than at others, but were still tainted by those unpleasant practices associated with all dealerships. In contrast, the Tesla purchasing experience was remarkable, informative, and fun.

So, I hope that you continue to enjoy your Boxsters, but you may also enjoy a Tesla.
Yeah sure, but only if my T level drops to zero!


"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
Great for folks who don’t much like raw driving experience. Good for techies and who like straight line speed, but otherwise maybe not?...

Chris Harris review vs 911R:

I think I sorta can relate cause my daily commuter Audi is ECU tuned to give 50hp more than stock, and I’m pretty sure it’s faster than my Boxster, has all wheel drive, and is smooth, quiet and comfortable for daily use. It serves its purpose. However, get the Boxster out on a weekend on an open road and there’s no beating the sound and driving experience. It would be cool to have both experiences in one car though.

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The model S is a beautifully made, high tech, fast-as-heck, pretty darn good handling car. But its also large, a bit numb and not one bit a sports car.

The two don't serve the same purpose in any way, except that they are both "feel good luxury cars", sorta.

I even drove a modelS through an autocross. It was fun, mostly because it was new, novel, difficult. I will ack that the COG is low, and the torque is addictive. I've also driven my station wagon in autocross several times ( and VIR, Pocono, ..), so that proves you can have fun in anything.

But its sure not a light, nimble, driver-involving car. Then again, i feel a bit that way about new porsches. I would actually consider the Model S as my "real car", except that i have one that's perfectly good, in great shape, and even more practical (big 'way back'). The model S more properly should be compared to a [hybrid or otherwise] Panamera - another car i really like. Vs the Panamera, it looks quite cheap in fact; and both are big, comfy, have hatches (yea!), handle really well for boats, etc.


Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
I think I'd go with the plug-in Panamara. It can go 30 miles on electric only. That would cover the bulk of my trips. Plus, you can take road trips without worries. And, it has a dealership network to rely on if something goes wrong while on the road. I got a base Panamara as a loaner recently. It had too many hi tech gadgets for my liking. Can't imagine what a Tesla would be like. Too distracting to keep your eyes on the road. I found that with the Panamara. Granted, had it for like three days. But, still, it was frustrating.
Sounds like you moved away from the car, rather than anything wrong with the car itself. I'm lucky enough to own three cars - MB 211 Wagon for hauling / skiing, BMW E92 for commuting, and 986 S for hooning winking smiley Like my kids, they all have different personalities, and one could never replace another. YMMV.
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