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2019 911

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2019 911
Roger987 - 10 months ago
Hmmm.... Even when I try to set aside my aversion to change, I still have trouble with that new dash/console.


But those photos may not be accurate. For instance, take a look at this, starting at around 30 seconds.


And is Porsche slowly reducing the front fender hump? With the 981, Porsche lowered it, but added some defining creases.

The autoguide article suggests the manual transmission will be available with this newest 911 iteration. Guenter posted a link recently, saying otherwise.

Will the 991.2 end of being the last of the greatest 911's?. For many, that will be the case if the manual transmission doesn't make it to the 992
Re: 2019 911
db997S - 10 months ago
The dash is very similar to the Panamara. The shifter is the same for the PDK. It doesn't slide, it toggles. You push if forward for reverse and pull back for drive. There are no longer buttons on the console. The black glass is touch sensitive like a smart phone. When the ignition is on, the words and icons illuminate. To engage the function, you press the word or icon. An indicator lights up underneath it to show that it is on. The location makes you look down further than if it was on the dash; thus, taking your eyes further off the road to see what you are pushing, but first, you have to read to locate the function, which takes more concentration than pure icons do. Too much for my aging brain to do while driving. Just might keep my '09 997S. It is not overwhelmed with technology to control the creature comforts of driving. Still have nobs and buttons.
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