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For years I have been enjoying this board and the intellectual content posted by those who have researched a particular area and have shared their knowledge on a variety of topics. Is there anyway that the posts in this database could be sorted by author or topic in its entirety and put in a flat file or hard copy book? For example, every time there is a discussion on trouble codes, there is so much great discussion. I have used the Archive feature of this board and it works pretty good, but having hard copy would be great. As my Boxster has over 210k miles, it would be nice to have access to a book of articles to help navigate and preserve what has been written, to supplement access to the board. Thanks again Pedro for all that you do to keep this Board up and running.

BarryL '02 2.7 Seal Grey Tip 207K Santa Cruz, CA
And print out the relevant articles after doing your research if you want hard copy near where the car is to work on it?

As one who gathered many insights from forum postings and attempted to put them into coherent articles, that process would be a full time job. And would guarantee burnout.

The closest things in hardcopy are Bentley's, 101 Projects and the Porsche manuals. But I'm sure you know that. Supplemented by online insights. And the best comments aren't only on one particular forum. There are about a half dozen that are worth searching.

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That's great and I appreciate being able to do that. I was inquiring because there may be a time Pedro when you or anyone else is unwilling to administer the board, and I was wondering if there was a way to acquire the data in a form that could be accessed without the current application. What is contained in this board is pure gold IMHO. I could see the value in parsing out subjects that could be made into pdf files and provide another way to get to the data.


BarryL '02 2.7 Seal Grey Tip 207K Santa Cruz, CA
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