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Guess the final chapter has been written. At least the final chapter as far as I'm concerned.

Today I picked up the Boxster, paid the $198 diagnostic fee and drove the car straight to the Livermore Porsche dealer where I dropped it off and left all the keys. The used car manager already had the title. Signed a release of liability form and have a copy I can use to get a nearly $1000 car insurance refund. (I just paid this but it doesn't kick in until the 21st of this month.)

Used car manager said he'd give me a check to reimburse me for the $198. Didn't expect that. Reminded him of our "deal" and how I already received the check for the Boxster (and Turbo), but he insisted. I accepted. Also, I returned a new passenger side sun visor and will get a check for this: $201.

Been 32 days in the shop.

What is wrong? No one knows. Was suspected the AOS was bad but it proved not to be so the new AOS was removed and the old one installed. (The old one ain't that old. It was installed early October 2014, and has around 35K miles on it.)

The tech thinks the P1128 might have something to do with a leak in the secondary air system but if not the engine might need to be dropped perhaps even torn down. At this point the cost to track the cause of the P1128 down becomes just too high.

Settled in behind the wheel. Think I hurt myself getting into such a low car. I've really gotten used to my two new cars.

Was surprised at how stiff/hard to press the clutch pedal is. At first I thought I was pushing on the brake pedal but no I was stepping on the clutch.

And the engagement point is very high. Clearly the clutch is due to be replaced even though as I drove the car 25+ miles and "tested" the clutch -- full throttle acceleration in 4th and 5th gears -- it didn't slip.

Car drove beautifully. Steering a bit heavier than I remembered. Both new cars have more modern (electric) steering. Engine ran like it had another 300K+ miles left in it. That 2.7l engine is one fine piece of equipment.

Every control fell into place. Driving was almost effortless. A real joining of man and machine. Sigh. Gone. Now it belongs to someone else and is destined to auctioned off and who knows where it will end up.


Test driving the car in Merriam KS with snow on the ground/roads. Buying the car after a pretty intense but odd negotiation. Ended up talking "over" a cube wall with the sales manager going back and forth with prices and I made what was going to be my last offer and I hear the sales manager's voice say: "We'll take it." Never met the person behind the voice.

Finding a spot of oil on the garage floor. RMS. But due to leave town on a road trip. SM said no worries just bring the car in after. RMS leaks never get severe. He was right. In around 8K miles I never saw a drop of oil under the car. When I got back had 25K miles on the car. This in around 6 months.

Mom saying she liked the Camaro Z28 better. Didn't like the Boxster's "push me pull me" looks.

Co-worker amazed at how much I paid for a car (around $43K; MSRP was nearly $47K). Told me he had just bought a 2 story farm house on 5 acres of land for $50K.

Another co-worker, a nice looking woman, came up to me and asked me if that was my Porsche parked in the lot? I said it was. She replied "You dog you." The way she said it I had the urge to smoke a cigarette after.

Road trips out the wazoo. From hundreds of miles for a steak dinner to thousands of miles to visit family.

Dodging a black bear dashing across the highway up in the northern reaches of Wisconsin.

Battling high winds, dust, and the largest tumble weeds ever through a wind storm in eastern CO and western KS.

A white knuckle drive in snow -- on summer tires -- from Ft. Smith ARK to Butler MO.

Developing a long distance relationship with the Dalhart TX courthouse clerk dealing with the speeding tickets the Sheriff handed me it seemed like every time I passed through the Texas panhandle.

Outside of Strong City KC on 50 highway and falling asleep at the wheel only to wake up when the car hit a tire carcass and dealing with the aftermath. Long wait for a tow truck. Long ride to Wichita KS. Spending two days in Wichita KS waiting for parts.

A high speed (if you know what I mean) dash across the empty eastern portion of Oregon.

Driving in blazing heat and blistering cold. Sometimes both extremes in one 4K mile road trip.

Attending a couple of events down in Fredricksburg, TX. Meeting some nice people, there, and other places where Boxster and Porsche owners met up.

Uncounted road trips/miles where nothing out of the ordinary happened. Just me enjoying seeing different parts of the (mostly) western USA and enjoying doing so from behind the wheel of my Boxster.

The 10 mile drive carrying the ashes of my Dad home from the mortuary. (Because Mom was not a fan of the Boxster her ashes got to ride in the Turbo.)

And more. Lots more. Too many to list.

Bought the car January 19, 2002. Here is it January 17, 2018. Just 2 days short of 16 years with the Boxster. Oh, and 317,842 miles. (Thought it had accumulated a bit more than this.) Wouldn't trade the memories for anything. If I could do it all over again I would. Well, except the ashes part.

Making new memories with new cars, good memories, maybe as good as those of the Boxster. But in no way surpassing them.

There you have it I guess, my attempt to wrap this up, bring you up to date.
That Boxster sure gave you some great memories, along with a lot of miles travelled, Mark. Thanks for sharing them with us.
That was an outstanding recap of your years with your Boxster.
Many thanks.
Marc... a great tribute; thank you so much for the memories, your endless & fascinatingly contributions and stories. You’re missives have been inspirational to many of us that share similar enthusiasm & emotion for the Porsche mark. Wishing you the best and sincerely hope that you continue to share more of your expertise & sagas with us along our highways & byways!

'01 boxster s, biarritz white/metropol blue, 114k smiles...
Thanks, Marc
Boxsterra - 4 years ago
I wish I could remember many of the adventures I've had in the 193k miles of driving my Boxster since I bought it in 1998.
Merci Marc!
Indybox - 4 years ago
Thanks for the memories ... what an adventure!
... meeting you and your Turbo at one of those Boxstoberfests in Fredericksburg, TX.


Happy Motoring,

Pedro Bonilla
1998 Boxster 986 - 299,000+ miles: [www.PedrosGarage.com]

PCA National Club Racing Scrutineer - PCA National HPDE Instructor - PCA Technical Committee (Boxster/Cayman)

Racecar spelled backwards is Racecar

"Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting" ... Steve McQueen as Michael Delaney in "LeMans"

"If you wait, all that happens is that you get older"... Mario Andretti

"Being second is to be the first of the ones who lose" ... Ayrton Senna

It was nice meeting you, and others, there the couple of times I made it there. I was made to feel very welcome and had a real good time.
when we passed through Oakland on our California trip.

I think you might just have got your Turrbo at this point.

Yes it was Marc. I took the above photo.

Fine walk down memory lane, Marc. May you have many new fun adventures.

"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
Over the years, you have been a consistent presence on the board. I font of good information and good stories.

I have to say that it frosts me they cannot fix that car. I am willing to bet some indie mechanic will fix it with a $2.00 jubilee clip.

All of the above said, you clear got your money's worth out of the car. But it just feels wrong to have to give it up for this reason. I bet that car would be a jewel to own, but I fear they will end up parting it out due to the miles. (It seems such and ignominious end).

In any event, happy trails in your new cars.....
Over the years, you have been a consistent presence on the board. I font of good information and good stories.

I have to say that it frosts me they cannot fix that car. I am willing to bet some indie mechanic will fix it with a $2.00 jubilee clip.

All of the above said, you clear got your money's worth out of the car. But it just feels wrong to have to give it up for this reason. I bet that car would be a jewel to own, but I fear they will end up parting it out due to the miles. (It seems such and ignominious end).

In any event, happy trails in your new cars.....

Not sure the car would a jewel to own. With those many miles a number of systems are ticking time bombs. The replacement water pump is closing in on the mileage at which the first water pump failed. The fuel pump is not too far behind.

Pretty sure the car can be fixed, just not for any money that makes sense. At least to me and in my circumstances. Maybe if I had a garage where I could park the car and work on it myself maybe... But I don't have a garage and while I plan on buying a house with probably a two car garage it will not be for a few more years, after I retire.

It might be just a $2 part, but which $2 part? That's the $64,000 question.

May not recall but the car was in 2 times before with the P1128 error code. Prior to taking the car in I threw a new MAF at the error code just weeks before which made the engine run a bit better but didn't cure the P1128.

First time tech didn't find any leaks but found leaves in the air box. (They got there when I was sloppy changing an air filter.) He removed the leaves, cleaned the throttle body, and the engine ran better.

But the P1128 came back. Took the car back for a 2nd go 'round and the tech spent some more time attempting to diagnose the problem but was not successful. I was not charged this second time. I couldn't get any enthusiasm for a 3rd go.The tech's instincts, he's the shop foreman at Livermore Porsche, were right on the money. This car's time was up.

Without really thinking things through I then took the car to Walnut Creek Porsche thinking maybe a fresh pair of eyes might spot something. The tech there gave it a good going over but the problem is not just a leaking o-ring, a bad oil filler tube, a bad AOS, or a leaking hose.

To proceed would essentially have me writing a blank check. Then even if the problem was found and fixed and I had any money left as I touched upon in my previous post the clutch (and flywheel) need replacing. And at this time I had planned on having the Porsche replacement IMSB installed mainly to see what the original one looked like. And coils are original and I was going to replace those next plug change which is coming up. With all the above coming up even if this P1128 had been fixed for the $1188 I had already decided I would not keep the car.
Marc, I frequent this site but have never owned a Boxster. You're one of the reasons I do that. All to say, hope you too hang around .. no Boxster needed.
if you don't, we'll miss you and your contributions.



Please stay connected!

BarryL '02 2.7 Seal Grey Tip 207K
Santa Cruz, CA
Marc, your participation on this Board, and the advice, and insights, you've offered have been exceptional.

I wish you all the very best, and hope you'll stick around. I think Pedro's 'rules' allow for some flexibility - I'd be delighted if you were to give us updates from time to time, on your new cars. After all, it will be just a matter of time before they lead you back to Porsche's warm embrace.
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