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Possible competition for electric

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with their sedans and SUV's.

That should lower their fleet fuel economy average enough so they can continue to develop internal combustion engines for the enthusiast sports car drivers, including some NA versions. To me that would be a win, win, win

Porsche makes lots of money on its SUV's
Porsche would meet - maybe even beat fuel economy standards
Porsche enthusiasts would still get the cars that have the essence, soul and reputation that Porsche has been built on from the beginning.
When the Cayenne was announced I was quoted someplace saying:

"I don't care about the Cayenne. In fact, I don't care if Porsche decides to make toothpaste. So long as they stay independent and make great sports cars."

Well, the first part failed. Thanks in large part to WW. The second part is presently at serious risk. If they can find another way - I am all for it.

Electric - Check
re-branding a 2 cylinder econobox - check.

Just save the sports cars....
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