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Hey guys I have a gross evap leak and all testing determines it is a Purge valve stuck open - Porsche calls it a regeneration Valve - I want to replace it but cant believe how expensive plastic tubing and a one way valve is - Chevy-Ford -Nissan etc its a 50 part - Porsche wants over 400.00 funny thing the 986 is about 200.00 less - why is that? are they interchangeable?, would a Cayenne one work ?? has anyone used a line from a 986 on a 987 ? thanks for all the help and info in advance --- btw cannot find these things used at all - and any info online always goes back to the 986 1998-2004 thanks again
I wouldn't try swapping part unless you a really sure.

Go to Pelican part and take a look

Ive been all over and to Pelican - I kind of want to know any difference - there has to be something for such a huge parts increase from previous years - but I agree- too expensive to take a gamble either way
Id di some experimentation and reading. Unlike yours, mine clogged closed. It was a combination of dirt/carbon in the valve itself and a clogged teeny, tiny screen.

I took it out and flushed it with carb cleaner, blew through it both ways, and put it back. It worked, but I knew this was only temporary. So, to bulk up the teeny, tiny valve, i added a length of gas line on the input side, cut it, and spliced in a $1.43 lawnmower fuel filter. Now i have a Giant, Gonzo pre filter and nary a problem.

Since yours is open, i presume it too is stuck, and the sticking might well be gunk arriving there. Same fix might work. Not $400, not $200, $1.43.

Have at it.



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