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Liqui Moly Ceratek

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Liqui Moly Ceratek
EHG - 1 week ago
What are the thoughts on this product???
I'm immediately suspicious of anyone who seemingly touts a product and has only two posts.

I'm likewise suspicious of magic elixirs.
I am not touting anything. Just asking if anyone has used it and what they thought about it. I am very skeptical of all additives.
Clever. I'd never checked.
A quick scan says
grant - 1 week ago
Its a ceramic based oil enhancer. LM has a good rep, so they get some cred for that. But in general, additives, unless you have a very special problem, are frowned upon by oil blenders. One of the problems is that the interaction with the additive package, which is very specific to an oil, is simply unknown. For example, there was an additive some years back that counter-acted the anit-foaming agents in a major brand. You can imagine that was not good.

Why do you need it? What problem are you trying to solve? What motor? Used how?


Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
Not really trying to solve a problem, just trying to extend the life of higher mileage motors.I have two , one has 187K the other 270K. Both have never been into.One is 3.2L BMW , other is a 2.4L Toyota/
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