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Re: Dash Display Gremlins

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The time display on my '99 986 started displaying some additional pixels.

Has anyone encountered this? Any remedies?

Thanks much,
My wife's alarm clock just did 2 days ago. Slightly easier to replace though.

If it was my problem, I'd look for itsnotanova/woody on the forums as he parts out Boxsters. These guys used to make replacements for the heater LCD and maybe they have a source (914rubber.com)
Information on replacing LCDs

The replacement parts are available. The repair appears to require some skill, but you may be able to find a local person with the tools and expertise.
This happened on my 2000 last winter (it was really cold). By summer it had cleared up and hasn't returned. I posted a picture on the board, so if you search you'll see my version.

Before you go to a lot of trouble, make sure your battery is 100% healthy and charged. I had mysterious dash light issues in my 986 and it was just a slightly old, bad or undercharged battery. I charged it with a battery maintainer and it went away. It came back a few months later even though I kept it on a charger when not driving. I replaced the battery and had no more issues. Good luck.

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