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Re: Note the screen...Depending on which camera is active you may not see the "Don't Panic" msg.smiling smiley

Expect the best, and accept no substitute.

Own a Porsche? Join the Club.
Wide open spaces

Jeff Benson:
2016 Boxster, See it here: www.greatvalleyhouse.com/Boxster
First car: 1952 Hudson Hornet
First roadster: 1962 Austin Healy 3000 III
Still have: Computer free 1974 MGB
Previous Porsches since 1982: 924, 944, 944S, and four Boxsters; 97, 03, 08 & 2012

"A mile of highway will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere."
all you douglas adams fans.....

Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
all you douglas adams fans.....

Maybe they'll run into Zaphod Beeblebrox and Ford Prefect
I wonder if he might pick up a hitchhiker out there? What are the odds?confused smiley
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