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Re: Help...My convertible top won't go back up.....

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Good weather on the west coast has meant the top has been down for the past week. However, heading out this morning and wanted to put the top up...pressed switch.....Nothing.... Checked emergency break. to be sure it was engaged and car was in Park.. tried again... nothing. Seems like I have read about a microswitch type issue..... in my case, the windows did not begin to lower and no sounds at all of engagement with mechanism, so it does seem like there is a break in the electrical circuit. Could not quickly find some potential reasons in archives, so am seeking help directly. Did see some posts about transmissions and convertible tops and I did just recently had a used Tip transmission put in the car.



BarryL '02 2.7 Seal Grey Tip 207K Santa Cruz, CA
There are a couple on eBay for +/- $100 or best offer.

Thanks! *NM*
BarryL - 1 year ago
When you pull up the parking brake handle, does the light in the instrument cluster illuminate? If not the switch is bad. That is what happened to my car. You may be able to pop off the side of the console and short the switch to get the top up.

It would be a shame to spend $200 on a relay and have it be one of the three microswitches that commonly fail and cause this same symptom.
It's likely to be one of the microswitches that feeds the relay (there are 3). What did you do to diagnose it?
I'm not saying it can't be the relay, just that there is a very common cause for this problem that has the same symptom. Relays can go bad but it is much less common than the microswitches in the Boxster.
That’s bad news winking smiley

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Try cleaning the contacts on the micro switch. I once had that issue and the mechanic cleaned the contacts on the one located in the center console at the handbrake. Solved the problem without replacing the part.
For those that have done so, can you help me locate directions on how to access the micro switch at the hand brake? Thanks.

BarryL '02 2.7 Seal Grey Tip 207K Santa Cruz, CA
If you are determined to do a parts replacement, then sources for used parts are in this list
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