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Re: The CLU ...

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Hello, Pedro and everyone,

This is my first post on this forum board. Thanks for the opportunity. I just bought my first Porsche. It's a 2002 Boxster S. I got it very inexpensively, however while it looks great it does need just a bit of TLC. The biggest issue is one that I had originally thought would be a 30 minute diagnosis and $5 fix. The power windows are up and they don't move. The windows are driving me nuts. I’m not good electrically. They just plain don’t work. They do nothing. I tried with the power window switches, they don’t work. I tried with the key in the door. Nothing. I checked both the fuses - they’re fine. The passenger door window will occasionally drop very slightly when I open the door, but not usually. It happens randomly. I had disconnected the battery for something and when I hooked it back up, the drivers window dropped smartly for exactly three times that I opened the door. Then it promptly went dead again. I have looked at all the posts on the internet, and a couple of guys have tried to help me briefly. Some mention the interior lights, and the key remote locks as having something to do with it. Neither of those work either. The horn, which some people occasionally mention, does in fact work. Some tell me to look at the immoblizer. I know where it is, but I don’t know what I am looking for once I get it out. Also some say to look at the pins inside the rubber booted connection inside the door jamb. Do you know what size screw holds that rubber boot on at the bottom? I don’t know where to start checking for voltage. I don’t know where these micros witches that I read about are, and what they do and how to check them. I don’t even know how many there are. Perhaps they have something to do with two dead windows? I doub't it, but stranger things have happened. I spent $ buying the Bentley manual. It has zero information on trouble shooting the system. I’m lost. Any ideas on troubleshooting this crazy thing would be hugely appreciated. Also, if it is the immobilizer, what are my options? Ideally I would prefer to just bypass it, but I guess that's not possible. There is a guy in Florida that I spoke to. I could mail him the whole locking box from under the seat as well as a key and the main computer form the car, and he'll set it all up again and mail it back to me. The problem is it's a $875 service!!! I was hoping to minimize that. Any and all ideas are gratefully requested.
First check that your battery and alternator are good, Battery should read at least 12,5V with ignition off, 11V when cranking and 14V when idling. All kinds of electrical gremlins pop up when the battery gets weak.
Thanks. I checked that, battery and alternator read good.
the parts listing for specific models that Porsche publishes. It has diagrams to help you see how things fit together.

Available online here for free. Go down and enter your model and then download.
I didn't know about that, but thanks to you I do now. Thanks!
... or Central Locking Unit under the driver's seat controls the power windows, the soft top, the door locks, the alarm, and the immobilizer.
If your CLU got wet, that's where I'd start looking.
Happy Boxstering,

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Re: The CLU ...
Doug427 - 1 year ago
You were right, Pedro. I opened it up and it was previously wet and now corroded. I sent it to Colorado for repair and get it back shortly. Hopefully it works well.
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