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Re: New guy question #2 - Air oil separator - Uro brand ok or have to go with original Porsche unit

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Second of three questions I have guys. My car needs a air/oil separator. It came with a new one in the box in the trunk. It's made by a company called Uro. I have read a few guys on the net say that when replacing the air oil separator you have to use the Porsche unit, that the aftermarket units like the Uro are no good. Anyone have any first hand info on that? Pedro? It looks like a pain in the neck job and I'd rather not do it twice, however I hate to throw out a $75 brand new part and spend another $125 for no good reason. I did buy the remote hose clamp pliers, which seems to make the hardest part of the job somewhat easier. Also, do I need to replace any of the hoses with it , and if so which are usually bad?

Thanks for any input.

Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
I am installing the URO this time. I spent for the Porsche brand last time and it didn’t last long (2 years). So I figured I would give URO a chance. Regarding the hoses. Hopefully yours are fine. The upper is easy but the lower is a beast. While changing the AOS my lower breather line cracked and fell to pieces. It was old and brittle. I ordered a new one and now can’t get it on. I have removed the the cross tubes and throttle body but still can’t get it on. I may have to take off the intakes. I don’t really know. Good luck.
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