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My shifter feels like it's being pushed through a pot of tar. It's stiff in a thick hydraulic sort of feel. Even in the neutral gate, when I move it side to side, it's not free and easy, there is a drag on it. I ordered the shifter adjustment tool, the green plastic clip. Other than adjusting the cables what else should I look for? Do I need to lube the cables and shifter while I'm inside the boot?

Boxsterra - 4 years ago
- Your cables could be binding. Have they been moved lately (e.g. intake removal other work in that area)?
- Cables might be corroded (not sure if lubrication would be any easier than replacing, which isn't that bat)
- Shift mechanism might be bent. Is it equally difficult to move the shifter up and down versus left and right?
- Time to hit the gym
Was diagnosed with many problems - worn cables, misaligned linkages etc.

After a total tranny rebuild (necessary - it was toast) and new cables, the problem persisted in 2nd and reverse.
So i took the problem into my own hands.
I finally pulled the actual shifter apart, used Teflon-carrier lubricant on the plastic shifter sliding parts beneath the boot,
cleaned out decades of old gunk and voila, it was like butter.

A cheap try anyway.

Careful removing the boot not to break the plastic clips.


Right now I'm unfortunately dealing with an immobilizer that apparently got wet and is toast. Once I get through that debacle, the shifter is next on the list. For you guys who are far more familiar with the car than I am, please tell me if my understanding of how the shifter works is correct and if my thinking is correct. It seems in watching the youTube videos on shift linkage adjustment that the way to use the shifter adjustment clip that I bought is to disconnect the cables from the shifter, lock the shifter into position, and then adjust the cables to precisely fit into the receiving ends of the now locked into perfect position shifter.

I'm thinking that if I disconnect the cable ends from the shifter and prior to locking it into position, move the shift lever around. If it's still stiff the problem is in the shifter. If it's nice and free, the problem is in the cables. Does that make sense or am I overlooking something in the Boxster shifter/linkage system that I'm not aware of?
was that left-right movement and forward-backward movement move different cables. So if the resistance is noticeably different between the two that would point to the cable as a more likely culprit.
It seems to have an equal sort of drag on it in all directions.
It's on the list of things to do. I get the immobilizer back in a couple of days then it's full speed ahead.
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