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Re: Broken lower AOS breather hose.

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Hi. I have an 02 Boxster S 3.2L tip. While installing a new AOS the lower vent/breather hose cracked and fell apart. I have a new one but can’t get it on. I have removed the two cross tubes and throttle body. The hose is hard plastic and I can’t seem to snake it through. Has anyone done this replacement? I could use the help. Do I have to remove the intakes? How? Do I need gaskets? Has anyone tried replacing the hard plastic AOS breathe/vent tube with something more flexible for easier installation? Thanks.
Which hose?
Boxsterra - 1 year ago
There are 3 connections from the AOS to the car:

The one on the bottom of this pic plugs directly into the car (no hose).
The one on the left is on the top of the car and can be connected/disconnected without moving anything.
The one on the right doesn't snake (it's only a few inches long).

Presuming you're talking about the one on the right of this pic (the bottom when it's in the car), it helps if you add a bit of lube to the inside of the lip. Take off the right-rear wheel well and you should be able to see it. Try using a screwdriver around the inside perimeter to unkink it and use a small telescoping mirror to see if the back side is seated properly.

Grant gee-lenahan-at-vee-eff-email-dot-net
Unfortunately, I am not talking about the bellows tube on the bottom of the AOS. I broke the lower breather hose which connects on the side of the AOS above the bellows. It’s a plastic hose that goes from the Lower side of the AOS and snakes between the two intake manifolds across the top of the engine under the cross tubes and hooks to the engine block behind the drivers seat at the crank case vent valve. There are two breather vent lines on the AOS. The upper is easy to replace. It’s short and easy to get to. That also broke but it’s easy. The lower vent hose cracked and broke due to age and heat, but it snakes across the top of the engine underneath everything. It’s a nightmare to replace. Has anyone on this board been able to do it? I need some help on how.
I broke the same hose trying to remove to install a new AOS last fall.Yes I agree replacement hose is not only expensive but a bitch to replace
as u mentioned it runs across the whole engine and down into the corner by the power steering somewhere equally difficult to reconnect.
I ended up just pushing the existing hose hose back on best I could and holding it in place with some twist ties and its been that way since and seems to be holding.
The locking mechanism on the plastic clip wont grab properly but when the hose is in place it will seal the same, just needed a way to hold in place and 2 or 3 ties did the job.
I realize this may not help but I hear your pain. Worth noting is in the spring I am planning to get a smaller piece of AOS hose from a used part with a plastic clip that is not broken
and cut it off with some hose left over.Install it in place of the broken hose then cut the existing hose up near the top of the motor above the AOS thats easy to get to and work on
and connect it there with a short piece of plastic tubing and a few hose clamps.This way I dont need to disconnecting replace the entire broken hose.

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