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Only thing I've ever seen addressing top cables is

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Can anyone coach me in aligning the half moon gear in the A version top transmission on a 1998 Boxster?
I can align it by looking at it and figuring how it moves, but I’ve never seen a tutorial.
The Factory Manual certainly does not cover the top’s transmission internals.
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Thanks for the reply. About what I figured. I guess I'll start there.
Progress? I did it with a little patience and thought. You can too. i'm happy to take some pictures if that'll help.
Pictures would be great. I'm stuck on the rotation and syncing of the half moon drive gears.
the first pic is to show you the top orientation, 2 and 3 are passenger and driver side. my camera and car are both ready. confirm that we've got the same top mechanism and let me know which other pics may help. good luck. doug (guy with the filthy soft top boot)

Thanks for the Pics. Same as mine. I finally got it all back together yesterday and it seems fairly well aligned but I do have a wider space on the drivers side where the top bottom under the rear window meets the clamshell. I am thinking that I need to adjust the tension cables but not sure if tightening the cable makes the gap wider or narrows it. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks again, Dion
Great. Glad that you got it working. I'm sorry, but I've got no guidance on the adjustment you've mentioned.
This from long long ago. I haven't seen either Chris or Maurice/1stchoir (the two top experts) around for a long long while.

Might also look here.
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