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air bag light

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air bag light
pharkel - 8 months ago
ways to turn off air bag light. Had seats out for repair and failed to disconnect battery. Can I possibly turn off the dash air bag light without a scanner?
Re: air bag light
Ed B - 8 months ago
No. You need a PST 2, PWIS or similar unit. You don't have to disconnect the battery. Just be sure the key is not in the ignition.

Ed B
Re: air bag light
pharkel - 8 months ago
Thanks, what is a PST2 or PWIS? Sorry, I am only familiar with the ODBII?
PST2 and PWIS are diagnostic computers used by Porsche dealers and can read and set codes unique to Porsche subsystems. The PST2 is older and can be sometimes found used or at independent shops. IIRC, the PWIS is only rentable by a dealer.

Durametric is a software/cable combination that attempts to mimic the PST2 and PWIS functions. It requires a Windows laptop. Comes in a 3 car version and an unlimited number of cars version.

Find an independent mechanic who has one of the three and they should be able to do the reset for you. All connect through the OBD2 port but mere OBD2 readers can't do what you want.
Or a Durametric
Boxsterra - 8 months ago
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